Karoline Zizka

The appetite to travel and work was already created before she even entered the twenty-year mark. Blessed by her parents showing her beautiful places, she did the (hard) work and joined an international catering company serving the Formula 1 races for three years around the globe. During that time she finished her diploma in urban tourism and event management in Vienna, Austria where she was born and raised. Shortly after she moved to Maastricht, NL until the Universe pulled her into the direction of a magical island and provided her with a hotel manager position in Bali, Indonesia. This impacted her life tremendously and her spiritual journey marked its starting point. Besides many challenges of being white, a woman, and in the early twenties in a developing country she managed to find a flow with 38 employees and grow out of her comfort zone. After that came some slow travel until she picked up the pace in the organization of conferences, which let her transition into the tech space. With a unique ‘chain reaction of people’ Karoline found herself lucky enough with an aligned organization like Threefold. Currently, she is serving by coordinating with people on particular projects, always having the most productive and playful outcomes for the Highest Good of all in mind and heart.