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Cloud Infrastructure

We’ve developed an ultra secure planetary-scale edge and AI cloud platform with self-healing capabilities.

Our unique technology provides unparalleled sovereignty, scalability and efficiency features that emerging IT workloads require and that traditional cloud infrastructures cannot deliver.

Full autonomous behaviour with self healing capabilities is possible.

Scalable to the planet, from the edge to massive datacenter scale.

Compatible with web2/3 and AI, everything can run on our stack.



Compute (GPU & CPU), Storage and
Network Technologies enable our Cloud


Innovative OS for decentralized efficiency and security. Lightweight, self-healing, adaptable and uses the Linux kernel.

Autonomous Computing

Ultra- Scalable, low-latency computing that processes data closer to its source for unmatched speed and reliability.

Quantum Safe Storage

Quantum Safe File Storage revolutionizes data security. Data is stored with 10x less overhead and can never be lost.

Mycelium Network

The only overlay network in the world which is capable of considering locality - routing decisions are based on proximity between peers.


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