Florian Fournier

When Florian left Apple he was 30 years old. It was the toughest decision he had ever made. Why leave a career so many people dream of – an executive position in the global company? Being really happy working at Appl and part of an amazing young and dynamic team that had been built over the last few years to take care of the marketing for Latin America. Florian was feeling accomplished to be working for such a great organization. But years were passing by. One after the other. And the iPhone 6S was replacing the iPhone 6 and so on. Year after year. A machine you cannot stop. Technology is amazing. Really. But so much seemed at stake about how it could be used to improve people’s lives and how they could really connect to each other.Florian feelt deep inside that working on the tools was not enough, and that he needed to work on the content and give it a different usage. He had to follow his heart and intuition. We will bring new ways of living together, relating, moving, consuming, taking care of each other and working in a more sustainable way, by unpicking current scenarios and anticipating future perspectives. The vision is always the same - to enact individual actions that address global challenges.