Jan De Landtsheer

Wandering the Net since it's inception (www wasn't even a thing back then... and yes, I'm that old), I have experienced the (r)evolution of the Internet in steps going backward in terms of accessibility, bias and width. It seems to me, by the effect of personalized search, directed ads, filtered and hidden information, that the Internet has become so much smaller, narrowing and enforcing biased views. That needs to be addressed. The Net needs to become that vast resource of unbiased knowledge, so that people can start thinking for themselves again. That's why I'm here, to be part of a group of guardians who's purpose is to equalize all views so that people can really understand viewpoints instead of being just judgemental. Techie at heart, having lived professionally in the tech basements of the Internet, I can help and I will help. Education for all is the only path to a better world. Count me in.